Do you offer home delivery?

Door to door delivery is available within 100 miles of Penrose, Colorado.    Delivery outside that area may be available at an additional cost.

Do you ship kittens?

We offer shipping within the continental US via Flight Nanny to all major airports.  Kittens fly in a carrier, on board while being looked over by an experienced animal caretaker.  We feel this is the safest way to ensure the health of your kitten.  Cost of shipping varies includes delivery to departure airport, a cat carrier and delivery to major airport of your choice.

How old are the kittens when they are delivered?

Research has shown that kittens develop into healthy stable cats best when they are together with their mother and siblings until they are 14-15 weeks old.

Can you reserve a kitten that is under 14 weeks?

Yes.  Kittens can be reserved beginning at three weeks of age.  A kitten pre-purchase questionnaire must be completed and a $500 deposit must be paid.  We will continue to provide you with kitten updates until he/she is ready to go to their new home.

Do Bengals get along with dogs?

In our experience, they do.  Though, we can not make any guarantees that a successful match will be made.  All our kittens have been introduced and fully socialized with out Australian Shepherds and any puppies they may currently have.

What type of food do you recommend

Bengal cats do best being fed a balanced prey model raw food diet.  We are happy to advise new owners on how to successfully provide this type of food.

Do you have any adult cats available at a reduced price?

We will occasionally have retired breeder cats available to loving  homes at a deeply discounted price.

Are Bengal cats hypoallergenic?

They are in the top ten hypoallergenic breeds.  Their coats are short and dense more like that of a pelt.  This makes it possible for them to groom and shed very little which helps keep dander from getting in the air.  Of course, there are no guarantees that an individual will not be allergic to a Bengal.  It’s recommended that if you are unsure, you spend time with the breed before purchasing one.

Are you a registered cattery?

Yes, we are registered with TICA (The a International Cat Association).